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60A high current fixture

 60A high current fixture

Product introduction

Product Name: 60A high current fixture
Product model: 02423jd-0001 (gray positive electrode) 02423jd-0002 (blue negative electrode)
Overall dimension: 50 * 63.5 * 36.9mm
Main material: PBT fireproof V-0 plastic brass + phosphor copper (surface treatment gold plating)
Applicable model: high current aging test equipment
Working current: 0-70a
Internal resistance of fixture: ≤ 10m Ω
Ambient temperature; ≤100C°
Note: overtemperature operation will shorten the service life of the fixture. Elastic parameter: ≤ 5kg

Features: the clamp is composed of upper and lower clamping pieces. The current contact mode adopts the contact mode between the upper clamping piece and the lower clamping piece. The voltage sampling adopts the contact mode of elastic piece, which can accurately collect the voltage sampling on the pole lug

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