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Brief introduction of lithium battery formation and volume separation process

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Lithium ion batteries have the advantages of high voltage, large specific energy and long charge discharge life. Therefore, they are widely used in many fields, such as electronic products, portable small appliances, energy storage systems and so on.

The lithium battery has no electricity at the completion of assembly and must be charged and activated. The first charge is called 'formation', which is used to activate the active material in the battery. Forming is also called activation. Forming is a very complicated process. It is also a very important process that affects the performance of batteries. In the first charging process of batteries, it is inevitable to form a passivation thin layer on the surface of carbon electrodes on the interface between carbon negative electrode and electrolyte, which is called solid electrolyte boundary film or SEI film.

When the battery is formed, it also comes to the last step ­ Capacity division is to charge and discharge the battery and detect the discharge capacity when the capacity division is full to determine the capacity of the battery. Only when the tested capacity meets or exceeds the designed capacity, the lithium battery is qualified, while the battery less than the designed capacity cannot be regarded as qualified. This process of screening qualified batteries through capacity test is called partial capacity.

Requirements for formation and capacity division accuracy of lithium battery: in order to improve the electrochemical performance such as cycle life, stability, self discharge and safety of the battery, the consistency of lithium battery must be strictly controlled or the battery grade must be accurately evaluated.

At present, with the rapid development of electric vehicles and intelligent infinite devices, the market of lithium batteries is also growing. The relative production and manufacturing efficiency is also continuously improving. The State advocates the environmental protection requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction. Lithium battery formation is also using the form of energy feedback to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, several shallow discharge and shallow charge cycles are carried out before the full discharge of the chemical composition and volume division process, which is not only conducive to the stability of SEI film, but also can shorten the time consumed in the volume division process, reduce energy consumption and improve production capacity.

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