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How does the test fixture perform functional testing?

Date:2019-01-21 20:15:45 Hits:1500
Test fixture is a fixture with functional testing, so, it is based on what test operation?

The functional test of the test fixture depends on the control mode. According to different operation pipeline can be divided into manual control function test, semi-automatic control function test, automatic control function test. The earliest functional tests were based on traditional manual and semi-automatic pipelines.

Even now, for some simple functional tests of the test board, some enterprises will adopt manual or semi-automatic jig test solution based on the consideration of simplified design and reduced production cost. With the development of science and technology, in order to save the production cost, the vast majority of functional test fixtures are now fully automatic solutions.

Another more common classification is based on the type of controller in functional test. The commonly used control pipelines in functional test include ICT control pipeline, embedded ICT control pipeline, etc. Among them, ICT control pipeline can be regarded as simple embedded control.

The characteristics of ICT and test fixture embedded control pipeline are: fast test execution speed; Simple and direct test operation; Special circuits and programs are required for display and data output; The test scheme is highly targeted; Testing software is easy to modify.