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Can PCB board be washed?

Date:2019-01-21 20:13:40 Hits:1721
Many people may ask whether PCB boards can be washed in water. This question cannot answer for sure, common one - sided circuit board can be washed, double panel or multilayer board is not good. PCB is easy to oxidize after washing, it is better to use alcohol or cleaning agent to wash again, because the requirements of single-sided PCB board is not high, so it can be washed with water in the manufacturing process, but after rosin, it can not wash the water this must pay attention to. If there is dirt on the circuit board, it is recommended that everyone use alcohol or anti-white water to wipe, do not use water, so that the quality is more guaranteed. Do not wash the double-sided PCB after drilling, dry the water if necessary, and dry the water inside the PCB through hole. Do not wash the multi-layer PCB.