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Beijing Lithium Battery Exhibition

Date:2019-01-21 19:44:51 Hits:1505

In June, Beijing Lithium Battery New Energy participated in the exhibition, which brought a lot of exposure to the company, and let different lithium battery equipment manufacturers and lithium battery manufacturers discover our professional development and production of lithium battery fixtures. At the exhibition, I heard many guests said with surprise: "You have professional development fixtures, we need 5A, 30A, 60A, 100A." Some customers said: "I didn't expect you to do the aging board, we will now There are a lot of machines that need to replace the aging board." Indeed, we can provide a complete set of battery testing equipment accessories, battery aging clips, aging boards, gold-plated connector slots.

Through the face-to-face communication and discussion with the customers at the exhibition site, the market demand for the entire lithium battery fixture is also well understood. Lithium batteries for new energy products are taking more and more shares in the future market, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. In order to produce higher quality polymer batteries, soft pack batteries, power batteries, and the selection of suitable lithium battery fixtures are also quite demanding. The engineer's exhibition site explained to them the battery aging test, the various doubts about the volumetric detection, so that how to choose the battery fixture and other peripheral battery testing equipment accessories.