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China's technological backwardness is restricted by the development of the integrated circuit industry

Date:2019-01-21 19:40:26 Hits:1479

At present, although China's integrated circuit industry has achieved certain development, the domestic industry is still facing a number of key points that need to be broken:

 First, industrial development has higher requirements for software and hardware, and domestic industrial technology is still relatively backward. The integrated circuit industry has the characteristics of huge initial investment and long payback period. The integrated circuit design requires expensive hardware and software equipment. Usually, an IC production line requires hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the core technology of international integrated circuits is still in the hands of multinational IT giants. At the same time, due to the development of national science and technology restrictions, the domestic industrial standards are still far behind the international advanced standards. The production equipment of integrated circuit enterprises still relies heavily on imports; Chinese enterprises are on high-end products. The production capacity is still lacking. Once the mainstream production technology of the products is replaced, it will cause a huge blow to the enterprises with weak domestic R&D capabilities.

Second, the industry is still dominated by OEM production and lacks a complete industrial chain. Since the core technology is subject to people, China's integrated circuit industry is mainly concentrated in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. The design capability is relatively weak, mostly for the OEM production of foreign manufacturers. The import and export is still based on the model of “foreign investment + processing trade”. A large number of products need to be exported overseas for redesign and processing. The added value of products is low, and the profit margin of enterprises is narrow. A complete industrial chain integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales has not yet formed, which restricts the long-term development space of the industry.