18650 battery fixture and cylindrical battery fixture

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The importance of lithium battery formation depends mainly on whether there is a better choice of battery testing equipment and battery fixtures? Good quality battery fixtures are prioritized from the structural materials and are satisfactory for every battery aging test

Cylindrical battery and aluminum battery have always been the main varieties of lithium battery in China. However, the quality of these two batteries has not been as good as that of soft batteries. The main reason is the reason of the process and equipment. Obviously, most manufacturers use an old-fashioned four-wire probe fixture, but the voltage sampling needle of this fixture uses a telescopic needle because of its small size. When in use, the wiring portion and the probe portion are mutually active, and it is not a whole, so that the internal resistance is very large and not concealed, and sometimes even open, and the aging of the sampling probe when the internal resistance is unstable The current is unstable and unreal. Sometimes it will overcharge or fill the battery, and sometimes it will be full. This situation directly causes serious impact on the quality of the battery. The pre-process of a battery is done well. Once the formation is poor, the capacity of the cell will be insufficient and the number of loops will decrease.